Saturday, July 21, 2012

I'm getting old

This past week has not been the best.  I had surgery last Friday.  I'll spare you the details, just some girl stuff that needed fixing.  I had the same surgery 4 years ago, and thought I knew what to expect.  This time, however, it turns out that I'm OLD!  My recovery took longer, and it was harder.  It was discouraging, but I am finally feeling better.  One week is not a long recovery for surgery, so I should be grateful.  Plus, I had a great excuse to stay in my pajamas all day long for a whole week.

There was a lot of tv watching...

And of course what would bed rest be without breakfast in bed?  Jake made me these awesome buttermilk pancakes with fresh strawberry syrup and whipped cream 2 days in a row!  Mmmmm....
Olivia loves all things silky, particularly the care tags on clothing & blankets.  When she spots one, her thumb automatically pops in her mouth and she rubs the material between her fingers.  The day I wore these soft pjs she followed me around like this:

Saturday was probably a big part of the reason my recovery took so long.  My parents had been with me all day, and I was doing great.  I do this after EVERY surgery I have.  Day two I feel great, the anesthesia is still in my system, so I don't stay in bed.  I spent the day hanging out with my parents and my kids, and even went out back and picked up after the kids a little (oops).  Dinner was in the crock pot and the kids were content so they went home to recover from the cousin's camp they had hosted the night before.  Then less than an hour later, I found myself in TONS of pain, with 3 babies screaming and crying and crawling all over me.  I had done too much...and I was in trouble.  I started to panic but instead called Em.  She dropped what she was doing and drove to my house to feed my kids dinner.  Learn from me:  if you have surgery STAY DOWN for at least 3 matter how great you feel. (If not, I hope you have an awesome sister that can come to your rescue at a moments notice.)

Friday, July 20, 2012

Here we go again...

I realize this will make you think I've lost my mind. But I haven't, I promise. I just really, really, really love my husband. And my husband really, really, really




Meet Denali.

Livy loves her.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

4th of July

Luke did not love the heat at the parade.

I found these headphones for Izzy to wear during the loud parts.  She wore them until a non-'Tangled' song came on.

Usually we go swimming at my grandparents or at Jake's parents, but swimming was not an option this year with 3 babies.  My family skipped the swimming party to hang out with us instead, aren't they the best? We went to the park and had a BBQ.  At this moment, Anna was inches from jumping into the small stream and my dad is running to grab her.  Somehow this was the only picture I took.  We made homemade ice cream with my hand crank machine, and relaxed.

Fireworks @ Davis High
The kids played with glow sticks, and the fireworks were awesome.  Izzy crawled up to an empty spot behind us and watched by herself.  She is such a funny kid.

Happy Birthday America!  Next year hopefully we'll get to swim.  This was the HOTTEST 4th of July that I can remember, but I'm sure it just felt that way without the usual cool-off in the middle.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Luke's Day

I have been blessed with a few truly great days in my life:  my wedding, the days that each of my kids were born, the days we adopted Isabelle and Luke, and the day we were sealed to Isabelle.  Luke's temple day, however, takes the cake.  It was by far the very best day of my life spiritually, emotionally, and happiness-wise.  Having my entire family, and many of our closest friends in the temple was amazing.  We were sealed by a dear family friend, and he shared sacred insights with us before performing the ordinance.  I tried to prepare myself for the emotions I would feel in the temple...but I still did the 'ugly' cry after it was all said and done.  Relief, happiness and joy all rolled into a few sacred minutes.  After the temple we came to our home for dinner.  Surrounded by loved ones, Jake gave Luke his name and a blessing.  It was just simply an amazing day, and one that I will never forget!  Luke is finally forever where he belongs.  That knowledge brings me more happiness than I know how to handle.

 I didn't pass the word to any of our friends to stay for pictures... so we only have our family outside the temple.
 Our parents have been tremendously supportive through this whole process.  We are blessed!

 3 of my dearest friends, Shelli, Erika & Sarah...just missing Emmaly.  I would not have survived the past year with out them.  They are truly amazing women, and I am blessed to call them my friends.

 Isabelle with my brother's wife, Lacey.  I love this sweet woman!

 Jake's two best friends:  his dad & Jesse.
 Izzy and her grandpa

 Me & Jake's mom
 Izzy & my niece Claire.  She takes care of Izzy when they are together, even though they are the same age.
 I'm glad to see someone fed Luke...I didn't pay much attention to whether or not the babes ate.
Emily & her sweet boy Zach--Luke's future BFF.