Saturday, July 21, 2012

I'm getting old

This past week has not been the best.  I had surgery last Friday.  I'll spare you the details, just some girl stuff that needed fixing.  I had the same surgery 4 years ago, and thought I knew what to expect.  This time, however, it turns out that I'm OLD!  My recovery took longer, and it was harder.  It was discouraging, but I am finally feeling better.  One week is not a long recovery for surgery, so I should be grateful.  Plus, I had a great excuse to stay in my pajamas all day long for a whole week.

There was a lot of tv watching...

And of course what would bed rest be without breakfast in bed?  Jake made me these awesome buttermilk pancakes with fresh strawberry syrup and whipped cream 2 days in a row!  Mmmmm....
Olivia loves all things silky, particularly the care tags on clothing & blankets.  When she spots one, her thumb automatically pops in her mouth and she rubs the material between her fingers.  The day I wore these soft pjs she followed me around like this:

Saturday was probably a big part of the reason my recovery took so long.  My parents had been with me all day, and I was doing great.  I do this after EVERY surgery I have.  Day two I feel great, the anesthesia is still in my system, so I don't stay in bed.  I spent the day hanging out with my parents and my kids, and even went out back and picked up after the kids a little (oops).  Dinner was in the crock pot and the kids were content so they went home to recover from the cousin's camp they had hosted the night before.  Then less than an hour later, I found myself in TONS of pain, with 3 babies screaming and crying and crawling all over me.  I had done too much...and I was in trouble.  I started to panic but instead called Em.  She dropped what she was doing and drove to my house to feed my kids dinner.  Learn from me:  if you have surgery STAY DOWN for at least 3 matter how great you feel. (If not, I hope you have an awesome sister that can come to your rescue at a moments notice.)

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  1. Sorry you have had to be in pain. Yay for sisters who can come to the rescue! Let me know when you are feeling well enough to get together!