Friday, July 20, 2012

Here we go again...

I realize this will make you think I've lost my mind. But I haven't, I promise. I just really, really, really love my husband. And my husband really, really, really




Meet Denali.

Livy loves her.

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  1. She looks like our dogs! We have been a Lab zoo for the last while. I need to blog about it, I'm just too tired! My hubbie wanted a dog and then he got a second and then said he wanted to try dog breeding. We ended up with a white lab, a golden lab and a chocolate lab. The golden one had 10 puppies which we sold at the beginning of July. Thank heavens! Then my husband decided he wanted to breed only white labs, so he sold the golden and the chocolate last week. We now have one 2 year old white female and a white male puppy. It makes me tired just typing this. I hope you enjoy your dog and that you only have one! : )