Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My little Isabelle

It's about time I posted about Isabelle!  She is, as you can imagine, amazing.  Her little spirit blesses our lives DAILY.  Some updates on her:

She is doing awesome with communication.  She uses her sign language like a pro!  After going so long without ever really knowing what she wanted, it is exhilarating to see her ask me for something specific.

These are the signs she uses daily:  milk, chicken (nuggets, not the animal), food, more, juice (this is my personal favorite...she signs 'drink' but holds her pinkie in the air so it makes a 'J' motion as she tips her hand to her mouth...probably doesn't make any sense if you don't know sign), sandwich, eggs, toast, water, bath, dad, mom, all done.
She also knows these, but only uses them if I prompt her:  grandpa, grandma, please, banana, and a few more that I can't think of right now...
Have I ever mentioned how much she loves spaghetti?  P.S.  Those are her PJ's and we did not have spaghetti for breakfast.  What can I say, the kid hates getting dressed and I hate making her cry.

If I offer her eggs, she'll shake her head 'no' and sign toast.  Sometimes I offer her milk, and she asks for juice instead.  I'm sure my backyard neighbors have caught me jumping up and down in my kitchen many times.  Sometimes I just can't contain my excitement when she is clear about what she wants.  I'm so proud of her!  She doesn't assign the correct sounds with the words yet, (she says 'nah' for eggs, 'buh' for milk, 'dah' for bottle, etc) but she is showing tons of progress.

Sidenote:  Olivia doesn't talk.  (I've talked to a speech therapist, it's totally normal and not cause for concern yet.)  When I say she doesn't talk...I mean she never talks.  She says 'dad' when he gets home, and the other day she said 'Looh' (Luke) for the first time-but thats it.  By now, she should be using 4-5 words correctly at least.  Instead, she signs and mimics the grunts and sounds that Isabelle does.  If it weren't so darn cute I may be more concerned.  My favorite one is when I ask her if she wants eggs, she signs eggs and says "nah, nah, nah" exactly like Isabelle does.  Isabelle's therapist assures me that she'll grow out of it, I hope she's right.  What if Luke follows suit and I have 3 kids that can't talk?

"Isabelle, show me your silly face!"


  1. She is so sweet! What a beautiful girl. I love all the signing. I assume you guys have the signing time videos / dvds. They are the best. My kids still sing some of the songs.

    You are so sweet about our hair. It really is easy. I think the biggest thing we have going for us is our thick and naturally curly hair. Someone with straighter hair may have a tough time getting the exact look.

    Out of the shower, we spray heat protectant on and add mouse. I scrunch dry with a dryer. Lex has such curly hair she can sleep on it wet and still achieve the same look.

    After it's dry, you use about a 1 inch hot iron. We use Conair with the heat setting that goes up to like 25 or so. Take a piece and curl back toward the back of your head holding the iron perpendicular to your head. Roll once at the top of the hair strand, hold a second, and then roll the rest of the length of the hair. (think making a ringlet - but not so tight). Anyway... you do this all over your head working back towards the back of your head and curling the hair away from your face.

    Fluff and reshape, use a bit of product to smooth down any wispy hair (we use pureology pomade), retouch with an iron and spray.

    Hope that makes sense. Maybe I'll have Lex do a how to video and post it on our blog.

  2. Beautiful! I love this post. My second child had a hard time learning to talk and we had to seek out a variety of solutions and programs to help him. I remember how excited I was when he could tell me what he wanted and I could understand him.

  3. Wow Sarah! You are a good blogger!!! I didn't know you kept a blog either! I used to be really good until this year! 2012 will be better :)