Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas 2011

This Christmas was our best one yet:

We had 2 awesome, laid back days of celebrating.  We spent Christmas Eve morning with Jake's family, a change from our usual Christmas morning breakfast.  We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas dinner with my family.  Each meal was delicious, and the company was even better.  My kids love their cousins, and we love our family.  Good times.
On Christmas Eve, we drove past the Rescue Mission and passed out BLESSING BAGS.  It was a simple way to show my kids how blessed they really are.  
But maybe what really made it the best yet is because of what Jake and I like to call our 'instant family'.  2 years, 3 kids.  Our family doubled in what felt like overnight.  I sat on the couch watching them play with their Christmas toys and I got all emotional.  
Or maybe it was because we finally have Luke.  At one point, I pulled Luke onto my lap.  I thought back to a summer night when I had laid awake imagining what it would feel like to have him with us on Christmas morning.  The thought had helped me through many hard nights.  Holding him on my lap while everyone around us celebrated, I had a quite moment of gratitude.  Miracles happen.

 The girls made Jake THIS massage shirt.  He fell sound asleep during the first test run on Christmas morning.

 Isabelle's silly smile.  She loved opening presents, and no matter who was opening what, she clapped and gasped and cheered.

 It took Luke 20 minutes to calm down from his first face to face with Santa.  Isabelle and Olivia wouldn't go near that big white beard.

I loved celebrating our Savior's birth.  This year I have come to see Him as my friend more than ever before.  I felt Him watching over me and guiding me.  I know that He was born in a lowly stable.  I know He lived a perfect life and then died for us.  I know He lives!


  1. You caught some magical moments with those pictures! Wow! All of your kids are adorable. And your tree, beautiful. Thank you for the Christmas card as well. Happy New Year!

  2. love all the pictures! Especially the first one around the tree. Your family did grow overnight, you are so lucky! Adorable kids. And I also love the picture of Luke with Santa, hilarious!