Thursday, December 1, 2011


Tonight while I was rocking Olivia back to sleep (she has a new habit of waking up at 11 every night) I closed my eyes and tried to memorize what it feels like to hold her tiny little body.  I try to think back to when Abby & Audrey were at this stage...but I remember very little.  I know I'm going to forget these small moments and it's killing me!

 She always has a bear, blanket or stuffed animal in her arms.  She drags them around and sucks her thumb.

 This was during what I liked to call the 'get-yourself-stuck-somewhere-and-then-scream-bloody-murder-until-mom-comes-running-because-she-thinks-you've-cut-off-your-finger' phase.

 This was her 'I-want-to-be-a-piggy-everyday' phase.

Her current obsession:  anything to do with Luke.  If she catches me feeding him, she comes running and takes over.  If he cries, she runs to find him a toy.  Today, she was sitting on the floor quietly when Luke woke up from his nap.  She jumped up, pointed at Jake and excitedly said 'Looh!' (one of the very few words she says), and then ran down the hall to his room.  She peered back around the corner at us, waved at us to follow her and repeated 'Looh' again.

My favorite sound to wake up to (on the mornings that Jake lets me sleep in a little) is the slapping of her bare feet on the wood floor.  She runs from the kitchen every minute or so to see if my door is open yet.

Whenever I pick her up, she pats the back of my arm with her tiny hand.

She and Izzy have made up a new game:  they put their toys (or sippie cups or snacks or whatever) on a bar stool and push it around the kitchen.

She randomly hugs my legs.

She is addicted to raisins.  Almost any of her tantrums are instantly soothed if I hand her a mini box.  She can't get enough.

Her dance moves are amazing.  She shakes her hips and bobs her head and twists her hands.  When I have time, I will share a video clip of her shakin' her tail feathers.

Dang this brain of mine!  I wish I had a photographic memory so that when 10 years have passed I can close my eyes and remember exactly what she looked like and smelled like and sounded like.  Instead...I will forget.  But in heaven, I'm going to play all of these moments over and over and over again.  I can't wait.

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