Friday, June 8, 2012


I promise to blog soon about our wonderful sealing day.  (Waiting on pics)

But for now, we are pretty excited around here about summer.  I get nervous about having all 5 kids home...bored...teasing...fighting...whining...

To kick it all off, we started with our Annual Backyard Slip N' Slide party on the last day of school.  The moms sit & visit, the kids run around and play.  We ate a billion chocolate chip cookies & scotcheroos, and drank a few gallons of lemonade & water.  (Audrey had a wicked stomachache later.)

Then we went to a swim party & BBQ with some friends.  Grilled chicken, fresh veggies, and homemade root beer ice cream.  Fun stuff.

We have survived the first week...but I'll be honest and say that it didn't go very well.  It will take me a while to adjust to the new schedules, and figure out how to evenly divide my time between the older kids and the babies when they're all home at once.  I definitely enjoy the time as a family, but there are kinks to work out.  This week was extra crazy because I had three 12 hour days in a row, I had to get my freezer meals finished (I'm in a freezer meal group now), and we had two separate stressful/sad situations happening (outside of our home) to people we love.

All I can say is that I'm glad this week is over...and I'm ready to settle in to the lazy days of summer.  Eating every meal on the back patio, late night visits with the neighbors while the kids run around, picnics, barbecues, swimming, Lagoon, fireworks, a trip to the lake, and all that jazz.

In other news, Olivia has graduated to the big girl swing...doesn't she look so grown-up?

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  1. Sounds like a great kick off to summer! I am trying to figure out how to help my kids self entertain more and stop fighting! I really need to set up a better routine I guess, I was just looking forward to a relaxed schedule when school got out and it's not very relaxing when my kids are driving me crazy!